We’re able to offer respondent recruitment to set screening requirements.

We also provide moderation, note-taking, transcribing, report writing and simultaneous translation and a great cup of tea or coffee!

Tobii Eye tracking

Our eye tracking technology measures exactly where a respondent looks as they interact with a stimulus. We can also measure where their gaze tends to move throughout interaction.

We are pleased to offer Tobii eye tracking for testing of any type of media, including: websites, software, video games, TV programming, movies, commercials, promos, and print advertising.

Dial testing

Large group testing (all in one room) and / or large sample testing, using Dialsmith and / or Nielsen ETV technology in the Media Lab – i-view is the only studio in the UK to offer this service to all clients and agencies.

Consumer Neuroscience and Facial Recognition

Respondents wear a cap fitted with sensors that measure the primary metrics of the brain’s response, for advertising, programming, or promotional announcement using sophisticated electroencephalogram (EEG) methodologies.

Our facial recognition recording device focuses on the respondent’s face, capturing all verbal and nonverbal reaction.